Is there an adult's admission charge?

We provide great indoor activities for toddlers. For every one child admission paid you have one adult admission FREE, the second adult is charged plus tax. 

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Are children and adults required to wear socks?

We are a shoe-free environment, that offers indoor activities for toddlers. Adults and Children are required to wear socks at all times. Children should be wearing socks with GRIPS.

Do you allow outside food?

You are allowed to bring a light snack in for you and your family (MEALS ARE NOT ALLOWED, unless Private Birthday Party) and we serve complimentary coffee at THE BIG PLAYHOUSE. The Gallery is lined with bistro tables for the parents to enjoy. NO NUT PRODUCTS ALLOWED

Can we order food for the adults coming to my party?

Yes, during your planning consultation with your event planner, together you will decide exactly what will be served for the children and adults. You can use any vendor you wish. No fire burners or Pinatas are allowed.

Can I bring in my own balloons?

Yes. The party room is very bright so balloons will be a nice touch. 

Can I bring in my own goody bags?

Yes, we ask that your goody bags be NUT-free

Can I bring table decorations?

You and your planner will decide on everything you would like to have at your child's party. If you still feel the need to bring anything extra, we would just review everything in advance for safety reasons. NO GLITTER items OR PINATAS.

Are there any items I can't bring?

No outside entertainers without making those arrangements with THE BIG PLAYHOUSE ahead of time. Also no glitter items such as heavy glittered costumes, pinatas and alcoholic beverages. No Nut Products.

Are there any other fees associated with birthday parties?

Yes, 6.625% tax automatically. 

Are strollers allowed in the facility?

Life-size Strollers, Gum and Pets are not allowed in The Big Playhouse. I would recommend leaving the stroller in your car and wear a baby carrier instead or bring in car seat. It is not sanitary and presents hazard to the children.

Do I have to fill out the online waiver?

All guests participating in our indoor activities for toddlers must have a signed a one-time online waiver before visiting the play space, you can also fill it out at the reception desk before entering the main area.

Is there a changing table on the property?

Our restrooms are outfitted with baby changing stations. Under no circumstances shall children be changed anywhere but in the restrooms, even if it is only a "quick change".

Can I drop my child off to play?

Please note we are not a drop off center or child care facility. Parents and caregivers must stay within the open play space area to supervise their child at all times during their stay at The Big Playhouse. Please never leave your children unattended or unsupervised, even when you need to take another child to the bathroom.(Take them with you).

Am I allowed to take or post pictures of the play space?

Please do not video the play center, if you would like to take pictures of your children in the play center, that's allowed. But not just the play center.

Where do I park?

All parking for THE BIG PLAYHOUSE is in the rear of the building, NOT in the parking lot located on side of the building.

Can I bring my second child if they were not invited to the party?

At Private Birthday Parties, only the guests that are invited should attend, not the siblings of the guests. Only the siblings of the Birthday child are allowed to attend. We planned for a certain number of children for the event and some children may not receive "Goody Bags", Food or Drinks, etc. This creates an awkward situation for the family and the BIRTHDAY child.

Can I use open fire to keep my food heated during my private party?

At our private parties in Westwood stenos (open fire) or any other heating devices for your food are not allowed.

Can I supply alcohol during my private party?

THE BIG PLAYHOUSE located in Westwood only offers indoor activities for toddlers. No Alcoholic Beverages or intoxicated guests are allowed in for the safety of the children.

What happens if my child gets sick during our visit?

HEALTH AND SAFETY is our first and foremost priority for the children, if you or a member of your family vomit in the play space, to eliminate any health concerns, you and your family will need to leave the premises immediately. The Big Playhouse in Westwood only wants to keep everyone safe.